Water Damage Restoration

The process of restoring a property that has been pummeled by a natural disaster is long and tedious. Natural disasters are the leading cause of extensive water damage to property. However, the most insidious culprit of water damage is a leaky roof. Because the roof is not always accessible, it is easy to find yourself with a badly leaking roof that has caused extensive damage to your attic and by extension other parts of your home.

Cause of water damage

But all is not lost!

Once you discover that you have water damage in your home you should get in touch with a professional plumbing company that offers water damage restoration services. Quick action is needed when it comes to water damage because the environment encourages the growth of bacteria and mold not to mention the danger of falling through rotting wooden panels. Exposing yourself and your family to such an environment can cause disease or allergic reactions.

It is advised that you should discard any items or materials that haven’t been cleaned and dried thoroughly 48 hours after the damage has occurred. These items may contain harmful microorganism that may spread and multiply. In cases where the water damage has caused rot or compromised the structure in any way, it is imperative to avoid undertaking any restoration work on your own. Always call the professionals for water damage restoration.


What to expect with water damage restoration



The first step is a thorough inspection is carried out on the site to determine the extent of the damage. This has to be done by a professional who can classify and categorize the type of water damage you are dealing with. By defining the type of water damage, you are able to find the best way to restore your property to good health.



The next process of restoration is cleaning the affected area thoroughly. Depending on the amount of damage you can use an ordinary vacuum to suck the water out or call in the professionals to show up with more sophisticated machinery for the job, like pumps and high tech industrial vacuums. This process can take any time from a few hours to days or even weeks but the sooner it is done the better.

Cleaning of the affected items like carpets and drapery should be undertaken to ensure that mold does not affect them. You can use air scrubbers to clean the air and get rid of moisture in the air.



The site needs to be completely dried before the restoration work can begin. Standing water can make the space dank and humid so dehumidification is absolutely necessary. This process can also be long taking up to weeks for complete dryness to be achieved.



This is the most time-consuming process with the replacement of the affected area and building up the pre-existing insulation taking the bulk of the work. There is a lot of time and energy that goes into restoration, so do not rush the process. Older homes may need even more work considering their previous state and the original materials used in their construction.

Water Damage