Metal Roofing Cedar Park

As you think about residential or commercial metal roofing services, you have some decisions to make. If you’re seeking an installation, repair, or replacement, then you need to think about selecting the right roofing company.

Commercial and Residential Metal Roofing

The suitable roofing material and configuration go hand in hand with such a selection. Some of today’s metal roofs may resemble wood shakes, which may be appropriate for those who like that visual.

Quality Metal Roofing Materials

Your metal roofing contractor would also know about the benefits of standing seam designs and the roofing process involved in setting one up. If you’re in Cedar Park, Texas, and need expert services for a roof inspection, installation, roof repairs, or roof replacement, then Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park (WDR) is the place for you!

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Reliable Metal Roofing Installation in Cedar Park, TX

Our commercial and residential metal roofing contractor services are tailored to ensure that the customer remains at the center of everything we do.

With our extensive collective expertise, we can make all the proper recommendations following an assessment. This may mean communicating that the entire roof needs to be replaced or that a standing seam design is best, for example.

residential metal roofing cedar park tx Advantages of Metal Roofing Panels

For example, if your existing roof is a tile or shingle roof, you may be wondering what you’re getting out of adopting metal roofing in Central Texas. That’s a fair concern, but we have several upsides for you to consider.


Durable Metal Roof

commercial metal roofing cedar park txThe durability factor of metal roofing is unquestionable. Provided you seek out roofing services from a contractor that is equipped to handle the job, a proper metal roof installation in Cedar Park can see the roof’s lifespan as long as that of the building.

To put things into perspective, a typical roof material would last about 12 – 20 years. Metal roofing, however, can carry on for between 40 and 70 years.

A big part is that insects, rot, mildew, and fire damage are often the biggest culprits in a degrading roof. These are all things that metal roofing resists. In fact, depending on the material, your new roof may also be impact resistant.


Fire Resistance

commercial reroof cedar park txKnowing that your new roof is fire-resistant certainly gives you a certain level of confidence in the safety of your home. Metal isn’t explosive. Even if it’s being struck by lightning, you’d be hard-pressed to find a spark going off.

A class A fire rating applies to metal roofs, which is as good as the ratings get. While that sounds good, there’s an underlying concern that only a professional and experienced roofing company can help you to navigate Cedar Park.

The entire roofing arrangement is made up of a series of different materials. Roof leaks often prove this as they result from failures in multiple areas. While metal itself resists fire, the materials under it may not. For example, metal roofing may be applied atop wood shingles. Such an arrangement would receive a Class C rating.


Energy Efficient

residential reroof cedar park txMidday heat gain can be incredibly annoying and uncomfortable. Thankfully, quality metal roofing reflects the sun’s radiant heat. Though metal has a low insulation R-value, some metal roofing systems in Cedar Park have a dead-air gap between the roof deck and the metal.

Such an implementation eliminates your needing to turn on the AC unit during the day. The best case scenario is your saving up to 25% on cooling costs, which is no small feat. Why not throw a couple of solar panels on the roof to capitalize on greener energy?


Eco Friendly

roofing company cedar park txYou ever heard of the waste stream that’s entirely building-related? Well, it accounts for up to about 20 billion pounds of annual waste. Metal roofing materials do not pose as large a concern as other roofing types in this regard.

Choosing quality metal roofing systems in Cedar Park allows you to capitalize on a selection of materials that range between 25% and 95% of recyclable content. Even at the end of their usefulness to the roofing application, they remain instrumental in recycling.


Low Maintenance

roof company cedar park txThe durability of your Cedar Park metal roofing carries over into this element. Realistically, a metal roof doesn’t require much where maintenance is concerned. Even if you feel like you’re in the renovation mood, the roofing aspect of things becomes incredibly simple with metal in the equation.

Even a standing seam roofing design, with its protective design, doesn’t change this.


roofer cedar park txWind Resistant

Our contemporary and traditional metal roofing jobs in Cedar Park typically use interlocking panels. The roof can handle gusts as high as 140 mph with optimal installation. This is especially true for standing seam configurations.



cedar park roofing txThis is another area in which the metal roofing expertise of your steel roofing company comes into question. Metal is typically a heavy material. Being in danger of exceeding your building’s load capacity is the absolute last thing you want. However, with the proper material selections and proportions, a lightweight design is most certainly achievable in commercial and residential metal roofing systems.


cedar park roofing company txEasy Installation

Technically speaking, this is more of a benefit for our metal roofing contractors carrying out the jobs on metal roofing panels in Cedar Park. Metal roofing installation is a pretty straightforward task for us, and the more clients we service successfully, the more efficient we’ll become and standing seam and other setup styles.

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We Are The Leading Metal Roofing Contractors In Cedar Park, TX

Now, you know why opting for a new metal roof in Cedar Park makes for a beneficial investment. We are the other part of the equation. What gives us the edge over our competition? Here’s a quick look.


Certified Metal Roofing Contractors

Certification is a core pillar of our internal operational values, especially for those who are going to be representing us in Cedar Park. Think about it this way. If you were to call an Uber driver to take you somewhere and you found out the person didn’t have a driver’s license, how confident would you be hopping in?

The chances are that no amount of words could convince you to get into that vehicle. We think the same kind of scrutiny should apply to the kinds of jobs that we do. Our team goes to the homes of our Cedar Park customers and works on arguably the most important protective element of a residential or commercial building.

Therefore, we do our due diligence to ensure that all our contractors bear the qualifications necessary to work on your metal roof.

Trained and Experienced Employees in Quality Roof Implementations

Training and experience go hand in hand with the qualification element of our service offering. The thing is, while certifications are great, there are way too many people who get certified and can’t apply the knowledge they have theoretically.

That kind of thing can’t be said about our team as its members also have the level of experience to match the certifications.

Additionally, we believe in continuous training. Industry standards change all the time and roofing is no exception. Decades ago, Cedar Park may not have been so receptive to stainless steel roofing, for example. It’s our responsibility to remain abreast of all the essential commercial and residential metal roofing insights in our line of work, especially as they evolve.

metal roofing cedar park tx

Highest Quality Materials That Will Last for a Contemporary or Traditional Metal Roof

roof installation cedar park txEarlier, you saw us mention material combinations a couple of times. There’s a whole system supporting the metal roofing extremities and ensuring it does its intended job well.

While we must ensure that we optimize the arrangement and stick to the established process, we must also be deliberate in the materials that we use in our jobs. We’ve worked with metal shingles long enough to know what is required.

We aim to ensure that metal roofs stick with you for the longest timeframe possible and require little maintenance throughout that tenure. Therefore, we only work with high-quality materials that can yield the kind of metal roofs that are worthy of our name.

Customer Focused

WDR is a customer-centric metal roofing operation. We don’t see you as just another source of business. Instead, we know that you are a unique person with unique needs. Therefore, we listen to your thoughts and ideas, make recommendations, come to a consensus, and proceed accordingly.

Maybe a standing seam roofing setup is recommended for its protective capabilities. Your aesthetic needs might mean a copper roof or tin roof is applicable. Remember that getting a metal roof installed can mean different things since there are different kinds of metal shingles out there.

In fact, we keep you at the center of the process throughout the entire job, communicating progress, updates, and the like!

Free Estimates

Yes, you read right! We did indeed say, “a free estimate!” Before we can help you protect yourself from fire damage, hail storm damage, etc. with metal roofing, we need to complete an assessment of the property and understand the requirements.

From there, we can compile a free estimate, clearly identifying what each cost center represents. This applies regardless of the kind of job. Perhaps you have an existing metal roof made of galvanized steel that needs to be repaired. Alternatively, maybe you just need a new high-quality metal roof.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Do metal roofs last longer than asphalt shingles?

Shingles can undeniably last a pretty long time. In fact, asphalt shingles have a lifespan of 40 to 50 years. However, they still deteriorate faster than their metal roofing counterparts, which offer a lifespan of 30 – 70 years. As improvements are made, you can expect that these figures will only go higher.

What are the problems with metal roofs?

As incredible as metal roofing is, it does have its drawbacks that you should think about. First, since the material is heavier by default, without a proper installation, it could pose trouble for the building’s load-bearing ability. On another note, the absence of professionalism in the mix means that installation costs for metal roofing can very quickly spiral out of control.

Additionally, your metal roofing cost may be higher than that of other materials. It’s not that metal roofing prices are at a super high and unbearable level. However, metal roof panels will likely cost more than asphalt shingles, for example.

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