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The idea of replacing your roof in Cedar Park can be daunting, especially considering the cost of materials, the equipment, the time, the roofing contractors, and the inconvenience it brings you and your family. However, roof replacement and repair must be done, regardless of how physically, emotionally, and financially draining the entire process may be for you.

Luckily, the roofing services you require are easy for us, roofing experts at Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park; in fact, we have replaced and repaired thousands of roofs in Cedar Park, so we know exactly what we are doing. At WDR, we strive to make the roof replacement and roof repair process as seamless and easy as possible for you.

Roof Replacement Experts

Therefore, if you are looking for good roof replacement contractors that serve the Cedar Park area, we are the ones to call!

Residential Roof Replacement in Cedar Park, TX

WDR is proud to offer a full range of roofing services to the residents of Cedar Park. Our services will cover everything you might need, from roof replacement services to roofing repairs, inspection, reroofing, and more!

Roof Replacement – Full Range of Service

Our professional roof replacement team in Cedar Park has extensive training in residential roofing to ensure that we can complete any roofing repair or replacement project that you need to do promptly while still maintaining the highest quality standards possible and negotiating with your insurance company.

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Commercial Roof Replacement in Cedar Park, TX

roof company cedar parkWDR also offers commercial roof replacement services! If the roof of your residential and commercial properties has suffered damage like a hail storm, perhaps you should look at all the residential and commercial roofing services we offer to see how we can help you.

Roof Replacement for Roof Damage

We can replace, repair, and install commercial roofing systems for all types of industrial and commercial buildings in Cedar Park, and it is our goal to get your building back up and running in no time and fit all your other roofing repair needs.

As home and business owners, the last thing you want is for your building or house in Cedar Park to be an eyesore, and to prevent this; you will need to keep your entire roof in top condition. This is precisely why you need to hire a roof replacement company like ours. We have decades of experience and can provide something as simple as regular roof cleaning, gutter repair, or roofing repair to something as complicated as a complete roof restoration or replacement after storm damage in Cedar Park.

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Roofing Types and Materials for Homes and Businesses in Need of Roof Replacement

No matter the design and materials of your roof, our experienced team at WDR can quickly assist you with a roof replacement. Our training and experience allow us to have the skills and knowledge to work on all different styles of roofs in Cedar Park.

Roof Replacement Assistance

Our roof replacement services and experience not only extend to all different styles of roofs but all types of roofing materials as well. While most of our customers in Cedar Park, TX, have asphalt shingle materials on their roofs, if you don’t, there is no need to be worried, as we work with a full spectrum of roofing materials.

Roof Replacement Materials

No matter what roof you have, no matter how big or small your roof is, and regardless of whether it is a large commercial building or a small home in Cedar Park, WDR can help you.

If your property has slate, tile, clay, TPO, metal, or any other material on your roof, here is what the knowledgeable and skilled contractors at our roofing company know about these materials and the different roofing systems in Cedar Park:

Asphalt Shingles

roof company cedar park txAsphalt roof shingles are an extremely durable choice for roof tiling. Ultimately, asphalt shingles are a type of roof shingle that makes use of asphalt for waterproofing, and due to its relatively inexpensive cost and fairly simple installation, it is one of the most widely used roof coverings in Cedar Park, TX.

An asphalt shingle roof typically comes in three standard design options:

3-tab Asphalt Shingles

Three-tab shingles are essentially simple, flat shingles that come in one uniform shape and size. They are thinner than architectural shingles and use less material; therefore, they are generally lighter and cost less for both the material and the roof installation.

Three-tab asphalt roofs are most commonly installed in lower-value homes, such as rental properties. However, in favor of the style of architectural shingles, three-tab shingles are declining in popularity. This type of roof also does not last as long and will usually need to be replaced after 15 to 18 years.

Architectural Asphalt Shingles

Dimensional or architectural shingles, on the other hand, are usually thicker and stronger than three-tab shingles, and they also have variations in terms of shape and size.

Dimensional shingles offer a more aesthetic appeal to your residential and commercial property by casting more distinct and random shadow lines that better mimic the look of a traditional roof material like wood shake shingles.

While this type of roof is generally more expensive to install, they do come with longer manufacturer warranties. The result of architectural shingles is a more natural, traditional look, and they typically last around 24 to 30 years.

Premium Asphalt Shingles

Manufacturers have also made luxury-style shingles for those who want a more prestigious look for their asphalt shingle roof. Premium asphalt things are exactly what their name suggests, they are a luxury line of shingles, and compared to the other types of shingles, these are designed to look like slate tiles giving your roof a look that stands out.

However, the curb appeal of premium shingles is not the only thing that sets this design option apart from the rest. They are also thicker and bigger, making them much more durable than the architectural or three-tab shingles mentioned above.

As with everything that comes with extra durability and a higher curb appeal, premium shingles come at a much steeper price, and you should expect to pay around double the price you would pay for an architectural asphalt shingle roof.

With the price of this roof in mind, you can also expect to get up to 30 years of life out of a luxury asphalt roof.

Common Types of Metal Roofs

Many metal roofing types allow you to option of customizing your roof based on the durability, style, and price that you are looking to obtain. Lead, zinc, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel are among the most common types of metal roofing in Cedar Park. 

Below is additional information about each metal material, so that you can better understand which one will be best for your roofing needs in Cedar Park.

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Steel Metal Roofing

One of the most popular types of metal roofing is steel roofing, generally, because of its relatively low price and high strength. Steel roofing offers better environmental sustainability, better strength, a longer lifespan, as well as a lower long-term cost. 

However, the only downside to steel roofing is that it can rust. It is because of this that you will often find manufacturers covering steel roofs with zinc-aluminum or zinc anti-corrosive coatings. 

Copper Metal Roofing

Copper is soft, beautiful, malleable, and ultimately, a great metal material. Unlike steel, copper is naturally resistant to erosion and does not require any extra form of coating. Even though a copper metal roof is slightly heavier than a stainless steel metal roof, its lightweight does still put less structural stress on buildings. This material is ideal for areas that experience very heavy and regular snowfall. 

Copper metal roofs are highly resistant to mildew, fire, and hailstone too. A copper metal roof is strong, and with regular roof repair work and maintenance, it can last up to 50 years or more. 

Stainless Steel Metal Roofing

Stainless steel metal roofs are an excellent choice for business and residential use, and for those in high theft risk areas, it is also a fantastic substitute for a lead metal roof. 


Tiled roofs are both durable and beautiful, but they are also expensive and heavy. However, this is usually what is expected of a roofing material that can last 100 years. Most roofing tiles are made from fired clay, and they come in many different shapes – flat, curved, fluted, or interlocking – and styles.

Clay tile roofs are perfect in areas that experience hot weather or exposure to salt air. They can also be excellent for climates where irregular rain dumps huge amounts of water in a short time frame.

cedar park roofingWhen choosing a clay tile roof for your house, you should be aware that these roofing systems are very heavy and do break under certain conditions. Your roof framing also needs to be very sturdy structurally so that it can support the weight of the tile roofing.

Clay and concrete tiles are available in several styles that can match any aesthetic goal you may have:

Barrel Tile

Barrel tiles are semi-cylindrical tiles, similar to Spanish or Roman tiles. However, the cylinders in barrel tiles are slightly tapered, making them wider on one end. The tapering shape of the barrel tile makes this a good choice for a curved roof.

Flat Tile

Flat roof tiles are a concrete tile that has been fabricated to resemble the texture of granulated wood shakes or shingles. Essentially, slate roofs are also flat shakes. They have a relatively surface that can easily shed frequent light rain but is not so ideal in areas where heavy rainfall is common. These flat tile roofs readily adapt to almost any architectural style.


It is very difficult for any other material to complete with slate. A slate roof is one of the most long-lasting and beautiful roofing systems on the market in Cedar Park. The slate material itself is mined and then cut into square tiles.

Unlike other roof materials that come available in metal panels or three-foot wide strips, slate tiles are generally installed one at a time, which makes the roof installation of your new slate roof an extremely slow process.

Remember that, because slate roofs are one of the most durable and long-lasting roof materials, they are also one of the most expensive ones in Cedar Park. However, if you can afford the cost, this will be the last roof you ever install.

If you are not already aware, roofing slate is available in both natural and man-made varieties:

Shingle RoofNatural Slate

Natural slate is one of the best materials for your roof, and as a result of its durability and beauty, it is commonly used among building professionals and architects alike. This material is incredibly durable and can often last several centuries, with little to no periodic maintenance.

Fiber Cement Slate

Fiber cement slate’s advances in production now mean that a wider range of residential and commercial construction projects can benefit from a slate roof. Since fiber cement slates are cheaper than natural slates, budget considerations may lead some towards this roofing material instead. Nevertheless, fiber cement slates are still resistant to chemicals, fire, and fungal growth and remain unaffected by temperature changes.

Overall, fiber cement slates offer convenience and consistency, whereas natural slates provide character and authenticity, and as a roofing company that installs both, we are in a great position to give you unbiased recommendations as to which product will better suit your project.

Types of Roofing Membranes

There are two types of roofing membranes, all of which have a place in residential and commercial roofing services; however, the single-ply membrane you choose will depend on what type of look you want and what type of rooms are directly below your roof.

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EPDM Membrane Roofing

EPDM is an elastic, synthetic rubber black membrane that is commonly used in low-slope buildings all over Cedar Park. EPDM is cost-effective; however, it is only available in black. 

Black is heat absorbent and is, therefore, not recommended for installation over living spaces. However, it is perfect for the roof above your garage or other non-living space. 

TPO Membrane Roofing

TPO, unlike EPDM, is a white roofing membrane that is also used in both commercial and residential properties. In essence, TPO reflects heat rather than absorbing it, making it a great option for living spaces that need to be kept cooler. However, you still may install it over a non-living space should you wish to do so. 

Why Choose Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park as Your Local Roofing Contractors?

roofing company cedar park txWhen you hire WDR for your roof repair, gutter repair, roof inspection, installation, or replacement, you are not only receiving top-quality services, but you are also receiving the peace of mind that comes with having a professional team to do the job. Our experts take care of your roof by staying up to date with the latest safety precautions and techniques. We are dedicated to using updated techniques to ensure that your new roof has long-lasting results that will save you money over time.

To further boost your confidence in us, we also always use the highest quality materials for your roofing repairs and installations. Other companies manage to keep their prices low by cutting costs on the materials they use. These materials usually cannot withstand the harsh weather conditions in Cedar Park, resulting in you paying more funds to repair or replace your roof in a shorter time frame. WDR wants you to have the strongest roof possible, which is exactly why we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our materials.

However, to make your roofing project more affordable and help you save money where possible, we are also able to work with your insurance company.

Licensed Roofing Contractor in Cedar Park

WDR has all of the necessary licenses and insurance to operate within Cedar Park and the whole of Texas. The license we have is able to demonstrate that we meet state requirements in terms of our methods, training, and more.

Cedar Park Roofing Service You Can Trust

Our license also indicates that we are an honest and reliable roofing company with nothing to hide.

Local Roofing Service in Cedar Park

AT WDR, we offer only the best services to all of our customers, and our team is available to work on a variety of needs, such as:

  • Roofing replacement
  • Roof installation
  • Roof repair
  • Roof maintenance
  • Regular inspections
  • Gutter repair
  • And more!

Emergency Roof Repair in Cedar Park

WDR is also available 24/7 for all those in need of emergency roof repair for a leaking roof, a hail-damaged roof, burst pipes, or natural disasters that occur in Cedar Park.

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Get in Touch with Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park Now for a Free Inspection!

If you are wanting a positive experience with a qualified roofing company in Cedar Park, give us a call today! We will be able to set up a free inspection and cost estimate with one of our professional roofers straight away. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will I Know Whether I Need to Replace or Repair My Roof?

Before you can determine if you need a roof repair or replacement service, there are certain things to consider. Knowing how long you intend on staying in your home, how old your roof is, and what your budget looks like can give you more or less of an idea of whether it is time to replace your roof or repair it. 

Do You Offer Free Roof Inspections in Cedar Park?

To ensure that our consumers receive a free estimate quotation on how much their roof repair, gutter repair, or replacement services will cost, WDR needs to take a closer look at what is required of them. This is why we make use of free inspection services so that we can provide you with fair pricing. 

How Much Is the Average Cost of a New Roof in Cedar Park?

Roofs are unmistakably the most important part of your property, and unfortunately, re-roofing and roofing repair costs are very expensive. The average cost for a new roof in Cedar Park ranges between $6,000 to $7,500. 

Does Your Roofing Work Come With a Warranty?

At WDR, we want to protect your investment for as long as possible, and to do this, we offer top warranties on both our manufacturing and workmanship to our Cedar Park customers. 

What Services Are Included in a Roof Replacement?

Roofing replacement services in Cedar Park consist of the following:

  • An initial roof inspection 

  • Removal of the old roof 

  • Sourcing for new materials 

  • Installation of new roof 

  • Post-installation cleanup of debris

WDR is a local company for all residents in Cedar Park, Round Rock, and the greater Austin area that are in need of roofing replacement, roofing repair, gutter repair, and more! We specialize in all roofing replacement and roofing repair needs. Regardless of whether your roof problems are as small as roof leak repair after a hailstorm or as big as major roof replacement, we can get the job done! Get in touch with us today to find out more!

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