When water damage strikes, there is no getting around the fact you’re facing challenging clean-up work and extended restoration time. Among water damage restoration service companies, Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park knows how to start damage repair quickly and get the work done.

WATER DAMAGE Restoration in cedar park

We employ a team of technicians with all necessary skills and experience to finish all work safely and completely. Safety – from protecting your property to protecting everyone on site – is our first priority. While we work to minimize inconveniences on site, we strive to complete all work thoroughly, so nothing is missed.

As a full-service water damage restoration company, Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park is dedicated to helping you recover from this devastating situation. We evaluate all damage, provide you with reasonable cost estimates, help with insurance claims and clean up water damage to restore your business or home.


Water Damaged Stairs


When you’re surveying the extent of water damage, you want to call only the best water damage restoration company in Cedar Park and surrounding communities. Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park has the expert team in place to return your business or home to fully functioning.

Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park is available 24/7 to help. There’s no time to delay when water damage occurs. Water provides life, and it ultimately destroys any property it contacts outside its normal use.

A simple plumbing overflow or leak seeps into cracks and crevices unseen. Left unchecked, this moisture can cause costly long-term damage that far exceeds the price of immediate clean up and restoration. If you’re facing water damage from severe weather such as heavy rains or flooding, call now because the moisture damage already has a head start.

Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park uses the latest technology and methods that meet all municipal and insurance codes to properly repair and restore after a damaging event. There’s more invested in our water damage and restoration service than people realize, and we’ll walk you through each step of the process. You’ll know you’re receiving the highest quality water damage help available.

Ceiling Water Damage


Following water damage, it can be overwhelming for property owners trying to restore water damaged property. Water restoration is a complicated process the requires a professional company like Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park. Our team can tackle your situation from small to massive and set everything back to its proper order.

We can’t stress enough the importance of beginning water restoration services as soon as possible. If water is allowed to sit for just a few days, it’s already causing damage you can’t see. Any moisture left alone can become fertile ground for developing foul smells or possibly dangerous mold.

Professional water damage restoration service is necessary to protect your property and prevent further damage. Get started restoring your property as it should be, and call Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park.

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