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Most homeowners in Cedar Park keep up with home repair work to prevent issues. However, they’re bound to need roof inspection services and roof repair at some point. When that happens, they want the highest-quality roofing company they can find. Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park can assist!

Roof Inspection Service

We offer quality roof inspection and excellent service, regardless of your needs. You don’t want to put off roofing work for too long because that can lead to further damage.

Roof Inspection Company – High-Quality Service

It’s wise to check with several companies before choosing one. A great company responds promptly and wants to build relationships with its clients. We always do a fantastic roof inspection job and can help with your roofing needs. Whether you require a new roof installation or notice wind damage to the roof after a big storm, we have a full spectrum of services to assist.

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Roof Inspection Before Roof Repairs and Roof Replacements

It’s important to have a professional roof inspection, and we offer a full range of services, including a no-charge free roof estimate. Whether from rain or wind damage, our Cedar Park roof inspection company can assist with roof repair and new roof installation.

Before focusing on repairs, we must inspect the roof to determine what damage there has been. High winds can cause significant problems to roofs, and we’re here to offer top-notch service!

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Reasons to get a Roof Inspection in Cedar Park, TX

You should hire a professional to inspect the roof for various reasons. You may have a roof leak and want to know where it’s coming from. Likewise, the area might have been in a storm, and you need to check for damage and debris.

Here’s a rundown of when you might need a roof inspection:

  • Annual roof inspections
  • The insurance adjuster requests a roof inspection
  • Purchasing a new home
  • Selling or refinancing your house
  • Preparing the house for hurricanes and other inclement weather
  • After a storm that included heavy rains, high winds, and debris
  • Leaks appear to come from the ceiling

We always do an outstanding roof inspection job and are one of the only company options in the area to inspect your Cedar Park roof before a roof repair.

When Do You Need a Roof Inspection in Cedar Park?

Ideally, roof inspections should occur once a year, and early spring or fall is the best time. That means the rainy season hasn’t started or has just finished. By conducting these annual roof inspections, you can catch issues early and avoid costly repairs to the roof later.

We recommend Cedar Park residents call us to inspect their roofs after buying a home. Ask us to determine if there’s been a recent roof repair and what problems there might be.

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What’s Included in the Cedar Park Roof Inspection

When you call us for roof inspection services in Cedar Park, you know you’re getting excellent customer service. We walk you through the roof inspection process because we’re a local company that cares.

Before we start a roof repair, we often inspect roofs to determine their condition. This includes a:

Structural Roof Inspection

We inspect the entire roof to see how the roofing system is doing. This evaluation requires us to look for signs that point to a sagging roof. We’re not focused on missing or damaged roofing materials. Instead, we’re examining the well-being of the components of your roofing system. Signs of sagging can include:

  • Leaning or tilting exterior walls
  • Damaged and missing rafter ties
  • Damaged and missing collar ties
  • Sagging ceilings
  • Splintered, rotted, or cracked trusses or rafters

While the Cedar Park roof inspector is on the roof, we check the condition of the gutters, fascia, and soffit for wind and hail storm damage. Generally, a complete replacement isn’t necessary if we catch the problem early and can make repairs safely.

Material (Roof) Inspection 

Contractors should use only the best materials when building a Cedar Park roof, but we know that doesn’t always happen. Therefore, we focus on the roofing materials, such as clay, metal plates, shingles, and slate shingles. Our roof inspector examines them for damages, missing items, and staining from water damage, moss, or rust.

Likewise, we check the flashing under the roofing material for pests, cracks, and leaks. If there are any problems, we’re the right company for roof repair!

Interior (Roof) Inspection

Our Cedar Park roof inspection services don’t end yet. We also perform an interior roof inspection to check for signs of damage that aren’t visible outside. That means looking in your attics and checking ceilings and walls throughout the home. Signs can include:

  • Pests in the attic
  • Light beams coming into your attic from the ceiling
  • Holes in the ceilings or walls
  • Mold
  • Wood rot
  • Water stains
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What We Check During a Roof Inspection in Cedar Park

Cedar Park roof inspection contractors should always do certain things while inspecting roofs. It’s our job to determine if you need a roof repair and handle all your roofing needs. We focus on these and other things:

Attic Ventilation

The first thing the Cedar Park roof inspection contractor should check is the attic, and that’s where we start. We want to ensure the space is ventilated correctly, so the area breathes.

If it’s not adequately ventilated, the roof will have problems. Roofing materials trap hot and cold air, shortening the roof’s lifespan.

Most homeowners don’t think about attic ventilation when installing roofing. It’s the roofing contractor’s job to do it, and we know how!

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Shingle Roof

Visible Water Stains and Leaks

As your roof inspection contractor, we check for leaks that leave water stains on the ceiling. Once we know you have a leak, we can find out where it is and make repairs.

Sometimes, it can be a simple roof repair if we catch it early. However, if your Cedar Park home has suffered extensive storm damage, you might need a new roof. We can help you deal with the insurance company and file a claim on your roofing issues.

Don’t let your roof get worse; call to get your roof inspected immediately!

Layers for the Entire Roof

When we get on your Cedar Park roof, we check to see the layers of roofing you’ve got. If the problem is bad enough, you could require an entire roof replacement. That means tearing off the extra layers to get to the bottom of it.

Sometimes, roofing issues aren’t that bad, so we can do a minor roof repair. We may still have to remove some of the roofing materials, but we replace them to make the place look aesthetically pleasing again.

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Condition of the Roof Decking

When the Cedar Park roof inspection contractor gets on the roof, they check the roof decking to see if it’s spongy or feels solid. We also determine if the nails are still strong. However, we can’t always see rotten decking by walking on it.

Therefore, we might have to remove some roofing shingles to check below. If the decking is compromised, repairs are often extensive. You may need a roof replacement in that spot. Our roof inspection company can help you determine what you require!

Roof Vents

Regardless of the roofing vent you have on your Cedar Park roof, we must inspect it. We’re experts in dealing with ridge, soffit, and gable vents and can check the contraction or expansion properties of the metal in gas appliances.

Since roofing is all we do, we can determine if you require a roof repair!

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Roof Shingles

Proper roofing installation is crucial for your roof investment. If you notice storm-damaged shingles, you must replace them to get the full lifespan of your roof.

When inspecting your roof, we look to see if nails were driven in sideways or if they’re gone. Missing shingles is one of the top Cedar Park roofing repair issues we see. It’s often easy to rectify and can strengthen the roofing system to get more life out of it.

However, we may also notice cracked, loose, buckling, or blistering shingles. All of these issues are signs that there’s something wrong. We can help you diagnose the problem and determine the best solution.

Penetrations and Skylights

Roof penetrations can be anything that sticks out of the roof. They’re supposed to be there, and it’s our job to check them all. We also focus on skylights to make sure they’re leak-free.

For example, roof pipes often feature neoprene pipe boots to prevent water from going into the home. They might get cracked and could cause a leak if they’re not caught in time.

It’s best to get a roof inspection periodically to prevent these issues. Call us when you require roof maintenance because it significantly maximizes the lifespan of your roofing system!

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Chimney and Gutters

If your Cedar Park roof has a chimney, we make sure to check the roofing materials around it. Storm damage could cause significant problems, and roofing repairs are crucial.

We always check the mortar’s condition, the flashing, and the chimney cap. If you’ve got debris growing from the mortar, your chimney is seeing too much moisture. While we will diagnose the issue, we may request that you call a chimney repair company for the best results. However, we can help you find a contractor for the job!

Another important component is the gutters of the roof. We inspect them and the downspouts to ensure there are no seams or cracks. Then, we check for blockages. Often, a roofing repair is necessary because water can’t leave the roof system, and we don’t want that to happen!

Standing water on the roof often indicates that the gutters aren’t working properly. They might be tilted to the wrong direction or something worse. However, it’s best to determine the cause of the problem as quickly as possible!

Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is metal that’s put in places where shingles butt up against a penetration, such as a chimney or a wall. They can also be added in open valleys to make them less deep. We make sure the metal isn’t rusted and that it’s still strong enough to keep your home dry and withstand the elements.

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Why Choose Our Cedar Park Roof Inspection Company

Our team always does a fantastic job and provides quality workmanship, whether you have a metal roof or shingles. Roof inspections are crucial periodically to determine if you need a roof repair and keep costs low. We use only the best materials and can help you set up an insurance claim with your insurance carrier.

Roofs are an integral part of your Cedar Park home. Whether you need a total roof replacement or a new roof installation, we can help you because roofing is all we do!

Call today for a free estimate on your roofing repair needs or request an inspection. We offer our roof inspection services to those in Cedar Park, Round Rock, Dripping Springs, San Marcos, and others!

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