Durable, Quality Tile Options

Tile roofs provide the model of beauty and durability demanded by top-tier businesses and homes. Tile outlasts most other roofing material and can protect your valuable investment up to 100 years. Each type of tile – concrete, clay, ceramic – has added benefits, including higher fire-resistant ratings than other roofing materials.

Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park can provide the tile roofing you desire. It’s not hard to sell customers on the benefits of tile roofs that deliver exemplary style, function and durability for any roof. Like any roof, unforeseen damage may require tile roof repair. For the money invested, tile delivers year-after-year exceptional performance and value for any roof.

Select The Best Tile Roof

Each type of tile roof provides unique functionality:

Tile Roof Repair Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park TX

  • Clay – Clay roof tile has been a part of long-lasting roofs for thousands of years, and has a classic, historical feel well-suited for Central Texas. Clay tile has properties that repel heat to improve energy efficiency and clay stands strong against hurricane-level winds.
  • Concrete – Concrete roof tile is the most affordable in this category. Concrete provides exceptional durability while retaining a look and feel worthy of demanding tastes in architecture style and curb appeal.
  • Ceramic – Ceramic roof tile delivers a top-quality roofing option with an edge to eco-friendly solutions. When you want to maintain the European or Latin America style of roofing from the “old country” then ceramic tile is the option to choose.

Tile roofing material is designed to last, and installation or tile roof repair demands an experienced roofing contractor that can deliver professional service. Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park has established the experience needed to provide tile roofing services for your business or home. Our knowledge and skill set can get your tile roof project started today.