Roof Repair

Roof Repair begins with a roofing inspection by a trained professional.

Basic Roof Repair ProcessCedar Park Top Roof Repair Company Water Damage & Roofing of Cedar Park completing roofing repair project

If you have seen a watermark inside your house and suspect you have a roof leak then you need to call a roofing contractor to come inspect the source of the leak. If it is your roof, then you need to fix it immediately, so that you don’t have any unnecessary damages.

Our Project Manager will Inspect your Roof, using a top down inspection of your home’s roof. We start at the ridge and work our way down.

We consider the material that your roof is constructed with first. If you have a Shingle Roof, a Metal Roof, or a Tile Roof, we handle our inspections a little differently. But we always want to get to the source of the leak, and fix it with having our customers spending as less time and money on the project as they can. We also understand that any roof leak is a very important matter that needs to be fixed quickly,

If you see a watermark on the ceiling, we are going to not assume that the water came just from above that area. Most of the time water starts at a much higher location, and finds its way towards least resistance. This is why you need a thorough top-down approach to roof repair inspections.

We look for any roofing material that is deteriorated or may have been damaged from storm rain or wind or hail events. If there is any of these damages, we can help you understand them fully.

Our project manager will show you photographs of the damages and explain the steps needed to make your home water-tight.

Our roof repair jobs only take one day to finish, and we try to minimize the intrusion into your life.

We warranty our roof repair jobs.

Best Roof Repair being completed by local company Water Damage & Roofing of Cedar Park