You may have a couple of minor roof leaks that are not much of a bother, which causes you to ignore them. However, a leaking roof, when left unattended can present some serious concerns for you later on that you probably want to avoid.

Unfortunately, homeowners often ignore roof leaks or other problems until a full roof repair becomes necessary. This is precisely what you don’t want to do. Naturally, minor roof repair costs are going to be less than those associated with a complete roof replacement.

Depending on the roofing materials used alongside other factors, you may not need a new roof as early as you think if there’s proper maintenance.

This is assuming all is well. If there was an improper installation, for example, then you may find yourself needing an emergency roof repair sooner rather than later. For sample, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends underlying for all roofs. Missing this could have repercussions later on.

You’d be surprised to see how cost-effective it can be to replace a few shingles, for instance, before you have major roof damage on your hands.

Below, you’ll get all the information and considerations that you need in determining your roof repair cost. Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park has years of experience in the roofing business and we’re here to help you make the best decision for your home or business.

For reference, a roof repair job can run anywhere between $150 and $7,000, and it highly depends on what must be done. A roof replacement can be even more expensive. The national average roof repair cost is roughly between the $700 and $950 bracket.

Factors in Calculating Roof Repair Cost

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So, what are the things that come together to determine your roof repair or roof replacement cost? Well, the reality is that roof repairs can be anywhere along the spectrum of simple to complex. A leaky roof and a roof destroyed during a hurricane will have very different requirements.

Roofing materials (metal vs asphalt shingles), square foot measurement, etc., all feed into the average cost and the price you will pay.

Typically, you’ll get an assessment before any work begins so you’ll have an idea of what you’ll be spending for the roof repair job, whether it be a new roof, addressing some missing shingles, etc.

Here, you’ll get a bit of a guideline to see the actual factors that go into that assessment and the eventual price you pay.

Issue and Roof Repairs Needed

You likely got this from much of what was said above, but the reality is that it’s very important. Why do you think the national average cost has such a broad range? The reality is that there’s a lot of variance in these jobs.

Perhaps a few of your asphalt shingles were displaced in a storm. Alternatively, an underlying roofing material could be the challenge, such as your roof flashing, which the heat from the sun caused to come loose, and now it needs to be adequately repaired. Maybe you just have a sagging roof.

No one can stress enough how vital it is to address roof repairs as quickly as possible if you want to avoid being on the upper side of the average cost or having to spend a small fortune per square foot of repairs needed.

You heard mention of roof leak repair jobs earlier, for example. Do you know that if you have a leaky seal that goes unchecked, an entire section of your roof can rot away? Imagine the average cost of that kind of roof repair.

Roof Size, Pitch, and Design

This one probably goes without saying but it’s going to be said anyways. The layout of your roof and the roofing materials used have a big part to play in the cost you’ll have to absorb for the roof repair job.

First of all, 10-foot by 10-foot measurements are used in roof repair and building. These increments are known as squares. By multiplying the length and the width, you get the square foot measurement.

Now, you know why your roofing contractor may bill you per square foot for your sagging roof, missing shingles, roof replacement, etc. If the cost per square foot is high and a large section needs repair, then it’ll cost a pretty penny.

You may have a complex design too. Perhaps during the roof inspection, the contractor ascertains that you have a roof with multiple edges and levels. Typically, such roof repair jobs are more costly because they are more involved and will take longer.

Finally under this section is the roof pitch. This speaks to the angle of the roof. Is it flat or do you have an incline? Bidders are most certainly going to have this kind of thing in mind as they assess your roof repair costs.

Steep slopes cost more than flat roofs. The flat ones don’t require a bunch of additional precautions to ensure that the team is working as safely as possible.

Roof Material

Now is the moment to focus on the roofing material at play. Do you have asphalt shingles, tile, or a metal roofing? The higher side of the national average cost likely includes jobs revolving around metal or slate roofs as these are typically the most expensive jobs.

If you have a composite roof, on the other hand, then things will be cheaper. Honestly, this is one of the things you want to consider when you’re selecting your desired roofing material at the onset.

Metal, while having some of the highest roof repair costs, typically requires less maintenance than asphalt shingles, for example.

In any case, whether it’s a minor repair such as a roof leak repair or there’s more serious roof damage, one cannot overemphasize the importance of ensuring that whichever company you choose to take on the job is competent and has demonstrated experience in dealing with the material you use.

A less-than-stellar roof repair job such as an improper installation can be a nightmare to deal with later on. Who wants to have that problem?

Roof Features

Roof repair costs also depend on the features you have installed on the roof. For example, do you have a chimney or skylight? If so, then you’re more likely to encounter a roof repair project that involves leaking.

Unfortunately, finding a leak in a skylight can be a difficult task. Therefore, these kinds of jobs are likely to come with greater costs. Sometimes, the chimney or skylight needs to be replaced altogether, meaning the cost to repair the roof is a little higher.

Roofing Repair Permits

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Depending on the roof repairs needed, you may or may not need a permit to proceed with the job. Generally, a minor repair isn’t going to require you to get one. However, if there’s significant damage, then that’s a different story.

It’s best to be cautious with these kinds of things. Check with your local authorities to see what’s needed. Permits are usually one of the cheaper elements of your roof repair cost thankfully.

The average cost for a permit is $75.

Time of Year

If you need your sagging roof to be repaired during the summer, the average cost to complete the job is likely going to be lower than the average cost during the winter.

Assuming snow is a factor, you could be dealing with icy asphalt shingles, for example, which make for a much more dangerous and complicated roof repair task. Naturally, this kind of thing is going to attract a larger price tag.

After all, whoever is working on the roof risks slipping off the thing altogether. One of the most costly situations you could be in is needing an emergency roof repair during the wintertime, especially if a snowstorm is going on.

At that point, contractors are taking on a complex job that puts their lives at risk. Therefore, you may find that there’s a 100% markup in the cost.

During the fall, roofing season begins to slow down a bit, which means it’s probably a good time to get your maintenance and repairs done. Since business is slow, you may be able to get a discount.


Roof repair costs are also affected by the area where the repair job is to be completed. As a rule of thumb, the average expense to conduct roof repairs in an urban area is lower than the price of doing so in a rural area.

Similarly, if wherever you are is characterized by a booming housing market, then labor costs and roofing material costs are likely going to be higher since the demand for them is also going to be high.

Additional Costs and Considerations

a huge house with asphalt shingle roofing

When people think about roof repairs, they only think about the direct and easily identifiable costs such as those associated with the materials and labor that go into the job.

However, certain circumstances can even cause the cost of minor roof repairs to be higher than what they may have been otherwise.

Roof Inspection 

What happens if you’re noticing the symptom of a damaged roof but can’t identify where the damage may be or what may even be happening?

The roofing company will need to pay you a visit to carry out a roofing inspection. You’re looking at a process that involves checking shingles, gutters, the attic, etc. The cost can range from $99 up to $375.


Another situation is where you need an emergency job to be done. After all, your roof is a protective element that you need at full capability pretty much consistently. If you request an emergency job, be prepared to pay anywhere between $100 and $300 more than you typically would.

Types of Roof Repairs

You can typically break down roof repairs into minor and major repairs. Understanding which one of the categories you fall under can help you to get a feel for what level of costs to brace yourself for.

asphalt shingle roofing

1. Minor Roof Repairs

A minor roof repair job can cost you anywhere between $150 and $1,500. Special training and equipment are typically not needed here, and the project can be completed with some basic tools. Listed below are some of the job that may fall under this category:

  • Flashing
  • Hole or puncture fixing
  • Cracked or missing shingle replacement
  • Small leak patching
  • Gutter cleaning

2. Major Roof Repairs

Major roof repair costs are much steeper, as they run from $1,500 to $7,000. As you can imagine, special training and expertise becomes required here. Additionally, the materials needed may also be specialized.

Your location may also mean that inspections are needed as the repair is happening and permits may be required. Engineering, plumbing, electrical, or HVAC work may need to be done at an extensive level, which is also considered a part of the repair process. Under this category, you’ll find any of the following:

  • Chimney repair
  • Roof sagging or shrinkage
  • Treatment for environmental issues such as gas or mold
  • Extensive water damage
  • Electrical wiring issues

3. Roof Replacement

You may also find that you need a full replacement. This is typically the case in which a roof is very old or the damage present is so significant, that the only potential saving grace is replacing it altogether.

Assuming your roof is made of any standard material and it doesn’t have much damage, it should last you roughly 30 years. Stronger designs, such as metal roofs, can last even longer, having a normal lifespan of 40-70 years.

If you do need to get a replacement done, the roofing company usually charges a small amount to complete an assessment to let you know what your cost will be.

Doing a total roof replacement will often mean that you must spend well over $8,000.

Common Problems or Indications That a Roof Needs Repair

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Not many people budget for roof repair costs unless there’s a planned maintenance kind of situation at play. Therefore, no one wants to initiate the process of reaching out to a company only to find out that no repairs are needed. How can you tell if repairs are necessary? Consider the following points.

Curling, Cracked, or Missing Shingles

If you can see the damage, then that usually means something is wrong. Don’t wait to find these things out by chance. Set yourself a schedule and check on your roof every so often to ensure that all is well.

Here, you want to inspect the integrity of your shingles. If all is well, you typically should be observing much of anything.

You should know what your shingles are meant to look like, so if you find some missing, curling, or cracked, then it’s probably time to reach out to the professionals, so they can get addressed before they begin to cause yet another problem for you.

Wet or Discolored Shingles

Apart from shingle alignment and presence, there’s also the “pristine” look. Of course, your shingles aren’t going to look as good as new forever, but if they don’t, it may be a sign that you need to have a quick repair job done.

Immediately after it rains, some level of moisture is to be expected. However, if you see that your shingles are uncharacteristically wet or that they happen to be discovered, this is the kind of thing that should also set off a mental alarm.

Ceiling & Wall Stains

If you have a working roof, it’s supposed to be keeping water from entering your house. Usually, your top level will show you certain signs of damage. For example, you may notice that there are water stains on your ceiling or your walls.

Despite what some people may think, there’s nothing normal about this kind of activity. If you notice any visible moisture signs, you may even be dealing with rotting boards, which often means that there’s a leak somewhere.

Peeling or Blistering Paint

If you see peeling or blistering paint, don’t brush it off as wear or tear over time. The real problem is usually that there’s moisture trapped in the house. This could be from high humidity or excessive temperatures. People with poor attic ventilation often find themselves in this kind of situation.

Sagging Roof Deck

close up view of asphalt shingle roof

If you have a sagging roof deck, then a roof repair is likely imminent. The usual problems tend to pop up if the roof either wasn’t installed properly or is simply old. In either case, the decking tends to have the required strength to properly support the extra weight that water or snow presents.

The result is that you have a sagging appearance because excess weight causes a pushdown effect on the attic.

Sagging tends to be a progressive thing. So, you may initially notice that it’s a small thing, only to find that it gets so large later on that your roof repair cost becomes a roof replacement charge.

Increasing Energy Bills

A good roof is supposed to have a positive effect on your energy bills if anything. The better your insulation, the less your heater or AC unit will have to work to maintain whatever temperature it is that you’re looking for.

Of course, you do want to do a check on your HVAC system. Provided you rule that out, then a roof leak may be causing warm or cold air to escape.

Clogged Gutters

Roof gutters are meant to be regularly cleaned. If not, debris and water can pool at the edge and make for a very undesirable situation. Unchecked debris can lead to an infestation that leads to a leak.

You can clean your gutters on your own, but ensure that you’re also looking at the kinds of debris that are building up. If you’re seeing any shingle granules, you’re not imagining anything.

Whenever shingles begin to get to the point where they need a replacement, they will begin to disintegrate and end up like this.

Roof Repair Cost: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor

a house with metal roofing

So, you now know the national average cost for roof repairs, as well as the cost range for different repairs. The question now is, should you be looking to take things into your own hands? If nothing else, doing so would mean a lower cost.

Different people have different comfort levels. Perhaps you have no issue getting onto a ladder and cleaning your gutter. You may even be able to apply a sealant to your skylight. Some people even feel capable of replacing a couple of missing shingles.

Nevertheless, don’t forget the risks involved in roof repair, especially with high-pitch roofs that have layers of complexity.

There’s a level of skill, balance, and experience that come together in any solid roof repair job. You should leave the work to the experts.

Remember that roofing companies are also insured, so even if there should be a mishap, there’s nothing to worry about.

Important Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Never work with a contractor that you don’t feel comfortable and confident in dealing with. One of the best ways to establish the necessary comfort level is to ask some questions to get some valuable information. Some of these questions are:

  • How many years have you been part of the roofing business?
  • Are you insured?
  • Can you provide some references?
  • What kind of credentials do your employees have?
  • If a contractor should fall from my roof, how is that handled?
  • What’s the cost for a full roof inspection?
  • How long will the roof repair take?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

house with new asphalt shingle roof

How can you tell when your roof requires a repair?

Look for visible signs that your roof may be in less than desirable condition such as broken shingles, ceiling and wall moisture, or stripping paint. Note that you can’t see every issue this way, so consider doing routine inspections using a reputable roof contractor.

What qualities should a roofing contractor have?

Your concern is that you want a contractor that is proficient enough to handle your specific job. Therefore, you want to verify qualifications as well as experience working with the material that makes up your roof.

When should you replace the entire roof rather than have it repaired?

A roof repair cost will always be lower than a whole replacement. However, if your roof is old or if the damage is extensive, then replacing the whole roof is recommended.

Can a roof be fixed rather than replaced?

Yes. If the problem falls under the major or minor repair categories, then a contractor can isolate and fix the problem instead of replacing the whole thing.

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