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Do you have a flat roof? Due to their easy maintenance and low costs, these are popular with contractors and property owners; however, if you don’t keep up with necessary roof repairs, the condition roof might worsen in the event of a large storm.

Unfortunately, you might not notice a problem until it’s too late and your commercial building’s interior is flooded due to a roof leak.

What to Do When Leavy Rain Leaks on Flat Roofs

Nothing is more unsettling than noticing water dripping from your ceiling consistently.

This might happen if you don’t have your flat roof fixed.

It isn’t much you can do when water pours from your ceiling during an intense downpour.

However, the following methods for fixing flat roof leaks will help to minimize water damage:

  • Contact a professional roofing contractor like Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park. Our experts have the necessary skills and knowledge to stop the leak and prevent future damage.
  • To capture the water, place containers beneath the leak. Gather the dripping water in buckets and frequently mop the area to keep the floor dry and safe to walk on.
  • You might discover its location or source by inspecting the attic and ceiling for the leak.

roof estimate cedar park txHow Do You Know if You Need Flat Roof Repairs?

A roof’s lifespan might vary from 20 to 50 years, based on the roofing material. Older roofs often need to be replaced by most homeowners, as repairs may only be a “band-aid.” Even something as simple as heavy rain can cause damage.

Repairs are an excellent way to reduce the cost of a new roof if you want to save money, but older roofs may need a total replacement.

If the roof is less than 15 years old and has minor issues, getting low-cost repairs is usually your best option.

However, there are also various specific signs that you need a flat roof replacement, such as:

  • It’s probably time for a new roof replacement if you see the tar membrane, fiberglass, curled, missing, or broken shingles when you glance at your roof.
  • Replace a drooping, sagging roof as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your house. A home’s roof ought to have straight lines; as a result, signs of sinking and drooping should be visible when they happen.
  • It’s time to consider replacing your roof if there are frequent roof leaks or continuous leaks.
  • A roof replacement may be less expensive than paying for frequent repairs if a roofing specialist performs a roof inspection and finds structural problems.
  • Most homeowners concentrate on insulating their windows and doors to save energy costs, but often the issue is with the roof. Poorly insulated roofs make it easier for air to enter and escape throughout the winter, particularly during the coldest months, which results in astronomical energy costs.
  • One of the best ways to increase your home’s market value is to replace your roof.

A few ways to tell if your roofing system needs repairs include:

  • Damaged top coat or cracked shingles
  • Flashing pulling away from the roof’s corners
  • Large cracks, tears, or rips in the seams or roof
  • The presence of mold, lichen, algae, or moss
  • Bubbling and blistering from adhesion failure
  • Extensive or repeated water pooling on the roof
  • If your roof was improperly installed previously

If you aren’t sure whether you have a problem, contact a professional roofing company to inspect your roof.

roofing company cedar park txWhat Causes a Leaking Flat Roof?

A few of the most common causes of roof leaks include:

  • Damaged or cracked shingles or tile
  • Damaged flashing
  • An old roof
  • Inadequate drainage
  • Standing water
  • Dry-rotted rubber
  • Problematic roof membrane
  • Open roof penetrations – holes made to accommodate solar panels or HVAC units.

roof estimate cedar park txHow to Temporarily Fix a Flat Roof Leak

While you must contact a professional to handle the problem, there are some DIY steps you can take in the meantime to ensure the damage does not worsen:

Find the Leak

From inside the property, look for the leak’s source.

The leak may not be the area with the most water because it may have traveled from the source of the leak to another location.

Measure the region where you think the leak occurs in relation to the neighboring walls.

roof inspection cedar park txClimb on the Roof

Using the measurements you took from inside, start searching for the roof leak.

If you have a high roof, consider renting a cherry picker to ascend and descend safely. Try to see if you can spot any damage near any roof vents or flashing if there isn’t any obvious damage.

Make sure the ladder is firmly placed on the ground if you need to use one to climb on the roof.

You might need to call a professional if you feel insecure, the roof is too high, or you just cannot locate the leak.

roof company cedar park txRemove Debris

Debris on the roof may get in the way of your work or result in more harm.

Before starting repairs, remove all the dirt and debris from the vicinity of the leak.

Additionally, you’ll be able to see whether the roof has wear and tear because it is an older roof or whether it was harmed by  storm damage.

roof replacement cedar park txDry the Area

Since a flat roof frequently accumulate water, be important to completely dry the area before you start any repairs.

If you patch a hole and it retains moisture, mold may start to form underneath the roof.

You could require expert help if your roof is already leaking a lot of water between the layers.

roof company cedar park txIdentify the Damage

Inspect the roof for blisters, which may be a sign that air or water has gotten between the roof’s various layers.

Additionally, you should look for alligatoring or cracks, which typically signify long-term UV damage.

It is essential to call a specialist if there is severe damage.

roof replacement cedar parkCut the Damaged Area

If a blister is the cause of the roof leak, cut through the membrane that has been damaged and wipe away any possible moisture.

Cut away any layers of the roof membrane that are damaged, being careful not to harm any roofing felt underneath.

Before moving on, make sure the area you want to repair is completely dry.

Apply Roofing Cement

roof replacement cedar park tx

Apply cement to the roof leak and the entire portion of the roof under the cut-away membranes.

Next, peel back the layers of the membrane you removed.

This will seal it and give the membrane flaps something to stick to in the form of an adhesive.

To reseal the wound, push the flaps against the cement.

four roofers installing a metal roofNail it Down

To stop the leak, place the blister flaps down and firmly fix them to the roof with nails.

Verify that no wires or other delicate infrastructure will be nailed underneath.

Apply additional roofing cement over the nails to seal any holes you might produce.

roofer cedar park txHow Much Does Flat Roof Repair Cost?

Flat roof repair costs vary based on numerous factors.

The size of the roof, necessary repairs, type of flat roofing material, and cause of damage will all affect the cost of flat roof repairs.

If your roof has a minor leak, the cost is fairly low. However, extensive damage can be expensive. In this instance, roof replacement might be a better alternative.

Most professional companies charge per square foot.

Metal roofs are the most expensive to repair, and fiberglass roofs are the most affordable.

roof company cedar park txFlat Roof Repair Options: Roof Coating

Roof coatings are an excellent way to protect your roof against future leaks and limit flat roof repair costs.

This entails applying a thin layer of synthetic material to your roof to provide long-term weather protection.

Based on the size of your property, a roof coating can be completed in less than 24 hours and does not need residents to depart while work is being done.

This flat roof repair solution is far less expensive than a full flat roof installation and offers much more extensive coverage than a few fixes.

This repair method can save power expenditures by up to 50% while also halting leaks because it will reflect more sunshine off of your home.

If you’re considering this option, contact us, and we’ll perform a roof inspection to determine whether this option will work for your roof or not.

roofer in cedar parkAre You Looking for Flat Roof Repair? Contact Us Today!

The heavy rains in Cedar Park, Texas, can sometimes cause leaks in your roof.

However, by doing routine flat roof maintenance, you can identify damaged roof sections before they worsen.

The final resort should be a complete roof replacement after trying to fix the leak temporarily and calling a reputable roofing company.

In order to offer the best service possible, our skilled roofing technicians undergo ongoing training on the latest technological advancements in application procedures and roofing materials.

Whether you need flat roof installation or flat roof repair, our experts can get the job done and help you avoid damage and save money.

Contact us today to get your roofing system back in tip-top shape.