No other area of your house or building takes a beating as severely as the roof. Most sunlight, rain, snow, and hail on your roof is absorbed. Your roof is the most affected part of your house regarding weather conditions, extreme temperature fluctuations, and falling debris. It is essential to have a quality roof done by qualified and experienced specialists because of everything your roof must withstand. Therefore, you want to avoid dealing with roofing mistakes from a subpar contractor at all costs.

Unfortunately, there are many roofers out there that are unable or unwilling to properly install your roofing system. If you notice your roof mechanic making any of the following most common roofing mistakes, it’s time to look for a new contractor.

What Are the Common Roofing Mistakes to Avoid?

While you might not understand the various roofing techniques for your particular building envelope, watch out for the following most common roofing mistakes:

Layers of Shingles

Installing a new roofing system without removing the existing one may or may not be prohibited based on the municipality in which your home is located. This is probably the most common roofing mistake.

After removing the old roofing system, your contractor can thoroughly evaluate your roof deck for any gaps, flaws, or other potential problems. Your roof deck won’t have to bear the weight of two systems, which is an added advantage.

On the other hand, some commercial roofing systems are designed to be layered over an existing roofing system. The number of layers and the decking’s soundness are examined beforehand.

This cost-cutting technique should only be used on commercial roofing systems and in compliance with all local and state requirements because it avoids a complete tear-off and associated debris-hauling process.

roofer cedar park txMismatched Shingles

Mismatched shingles are one of the more apparent errors a roofer may make. This glaring error happens when a roofing contractor employs numerous dealers and buys supplies from multiple suppliers.

Choosing a contractor who consistently works with the same distributor of roofing materials will help you prevent this.

roofing cedar park txIncorrect Shingle Overhang at the Eve

Eaves should have a shingled overhang of between 6 and 10 mm. Anything more can result in the roof shingles being blown off during severe storms or strong winds. Less than 6mm might cause leaks inside the building and water infiltration of the roof deck.

This error can be avoided by correctly installing the shingles and including a drip edge flashing to shield the deck’s margins from water intrusion. A shingle adhesive can be used to fix this flashing.

roof company cedar park txIncorrect Use of Roofing Nails

If your roofing system uses nails to attach it to the roof deck, there are specific guidelines for the use and size of nails. The following typical errors could result in your insurance provider rejecting your claim in the event of roof decking failure:

  1. Nails are too short
  2. Nails without barbed shanks
  3. Nails driven above the self-sealing strip
  4. Nail heads are too small
  5. Nails driven into gaps or knotholes in the roof deck

roof replacement cedar park txImproper Installation of Underlayment

A layer of waterproof or water-resistant roofing underlayment is attached directly to the roof deck. The underlayment is used as an additional layer of weather protection underneath all other roofing materials.

The three main types of roofing underlayment are:

  • Rubberized asphalt underlayment
  • Synthetic underlayment/ non-bitumen synthetic underlayment
  • Asphalt-saturated felt

While rubberized asphalt underlayment is waterproof, synthetic underlayment and asphalt-saturated felt are water-resistant.

cedar park roofing companyImproper or Missing Starter Shingles

Both novice DIY’ers and contractors regularly make this roofing mistake. Along the eves, a beginning section of shingles should be installed.

Water will enter the roof deck without starting shingles through the bottom shingles’ cutouts.

roof replacement in cedar parkReusing the Drip Edge Flashing or Neglecting the Installation

Drip edge flashings guarantee that a roof will successfully keep the elements outside. Here are a few advantages:

  • This gives the water a place to drip into so that the fascia board or deck won’t become saturated and rot.
  • Prevents rain brought by the wind from penetrating the edge of the roof.
  • They provide support and prevent shingles from sagging or cracking because they protrude just a little above the edge of the roof.
  • Drip edge flashings prevent insects from getting into the attic.

Make sure to replace all drip edge flashings while changing your roofing system. This fee is small in comparison to the price of a new roof, and it aims to safeguard your investment.

A thin layer called flashing, which is often made of aluminum, helps shield your roof and other roof elements, such as chimneys, vents, and skylights from harm. Flashing’s primary function is to reroute water in order to lessen the risk of water damage and leaks.

Reusing outdated flashing is a standard roofing error. Even if the current flashing seems to be in good shape, replacing it at the same time as the roof shingles or tiles is advisable. You face the danger of potential problems with roof leaks or water damage if the flashing is reused.

roof company in cedar parkImproper Roof Slope

If you use materials that are inappropriate for the slope of your roof, water can enter the structure.

It is advised to have four units rise for 12 units of the run when installing tile, wood, or asphalt roofing systems.

cedar park roofing company txNeglecting the Attic

Your roof is made up of several components, including the attic area. Without enough attic ventilation, moisture can accumulate over time and destroy your buildings’ insulation and roofing system, leading to sudden spikes in your energy costs.

roof company cedar park txRoof Gutter Sag

To direct water away from your roof, roof gutters are essential. They can overflow or back up, allowing water to enter the structure when they droop, are installed too low, become loose, or do not have enough slope.

roofing in cedar park txInsufficient Securing of Roof Valley Flashing

Roof valleys on pitched roofs are especially vulnerable to leaks because they frequently handle huge amounts of water runoff from domed or arched bends on your roof. When valley flashings on roofs are built incorrectly, the roofing system may buckle, causing water leaks and expensive repairs.

Using the optimum quantity of sealant and adhesive material will help prevent water infiltration in addition to proper roof valley flashing installation.

Skipping the Roofing Permit

Most local governments demand a permit before installing a new roof. The person ultimately responsible for failing to get a permit is the building or property owner.

Without a permit, roof installation may incur fines, insurance coverage denials, legal issues, health problems from asbestos, or even the total removal of the new roof.

A reputable contractor will ensure all legal requirements are satisfied before carrying on with the roofing project.

roof company cedar park txIgnoring the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Manufacturers of roofing systems have specific guidelines, especially for metal roofing, for how their roofing systems need to be installed. In premature roof failure, deviations from these rules may affect whether the manufacturer would honor the warranty.

Incorrect Shingle Exposure

There are suggested lengths for when shingles should be visible between layers. Your shingles are susceptible to accumulating moisture during rainfall or being blown off if they are too tightly packed together, which reduces the exposure. There is a chance of water damage if your asphalt shingles are spaced too wide apart, which will prevent your roof from receiving the necessary protection.

roofing cedar park txInsufficient Roofing Contractor Insurance

You can be liable for these expenses if your contractor doesn’t have sufficient insurance to cover losses or accidents.

All respectable roofing contractors are happy to offer documentation of their insurance coverage. In the same way, their insurance provider might be contacted to verify coverage.

roof installation in cedar park txNot Addressing Ice Dams When it Is Cold in Cedar Park

Ice damming is common in colder regions. Water and ice can be forced under the shingles when snow melts on the roof but then refreezes. This may cause your shingles to lift and your gutter system and eaves to carry extra weight. To avoid ice dams, you should take precautions when building a roof. Because less snow will melt in a cool attic, attic ventilation can prevent this. The roof’s edge can also be covered with an adhesive water and ice barrier. This is mandated by the building code in most areas, particularly those with colder temperatures.

roof company cedar park txMissing Leak Barriers

A leak barrier establishes a watertight seal in places on your roof where leaks are more likely to occur. Leak barriers work well in slope intersections, along roof edges, and at roof penetrations such as skylights and chimneys. A roofer may completely omit leak barriers in an effort to move quickly or save money. However, we believe that is a terrible roofing mistake and a lousy concept. It wouldn’t be necessary to cover your entire roof, but it is necessary to protect important regions. Make sure you are protected by asking your roofer where leak barriers will be installed.

roof replacement cedar parkAvoid these Common Roofing Mistakes by Hiring a Professional Contractor Today

Your roof must be properly installed because it guards your house, your family, and anything else you value. In order for us to assist you in getting the assistance you require to secure what matters most to you in life, get in touch with our skilled roofing contractors.

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