A hail-damaged roof can lead to costly roof repairs or, at the very worst, require a full roof replacement. this usually happens after severe thunderstorms, such as those sometimes experienced in Cedar Park, Austin, Texas.

Hail damage roofing claims are not always straightforward because you need to consider many different things, and the insurance company is not always so eager to pay up.

Having to submit a hail damage claim because your house is suddenly too damaged to be livable can be a very stressful experience.

The Last thing you would want is to face the possibility of your homeowners’ insurance claim being denied leaving you having to pay out of your pocket.

At Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park, helping the residents of Austin to successfully submit their hail damage insurance claims is something we have been doing for many years.

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Average Insurance Payout for Hail Damage Roof

The amount your insurance company will pay to cover hail damage to your roof depends on various factors that make it impossible to estimate how much a homeowner will receive without looking at the case’s specifics.

In general, when hail damages your roof, the following are the three main factors that influence the insurance payout that you are likely to receive:

  1. The severity of Roof Damage

Insurance claims are usually issued according to the amount of hail damage to your roof that has occurred. This is why you need to hire a good roofing contractor to inspect your roof before filing a claim.

When your roofing contractor can prove enough damage, insurance companies will have no choice but to, for example, award you a brand-new roof.

  1. What the Insurance Adjuster Says

Determining how much an insurance company will pay to cover hail damage to your roof usually involves dealing with an insurance adjuster.

This person is responsible for looking at your hail damage claim and the amount of coverage you are entitled to and advising the insurance company on the best possible solution.

  1. Type of Homeowners Insurance Cover

The amount of property coverage you are entitled to will depend on how much you have paid toward your homeowners’ insurance policy. Insurance companies will try to keep the repair costs as low as possible and avoid having to pay for new roof replacements if possible.

Contact your insurance provider and verify what sort of homeowners insurance you are on. You should consider upgrading if it seems inadequate to cover significant hail damage.

How Can I Tell if My Roof Has Hail Damage?

roof inspection cedar park txSometimes, a hail storm will result in such severe damage to your roof that you will have no problem spotting it, even from the ground, and pointing it out to your insurance provider.

However, there are cases in which the hail damage is not as apparent, and it is only after you notice signs of water damage that you realize something is wrong.

To avoid such situations, you have to know how to identify hail damage quickly by looking out for the following:

  • Checking your ceiling or walls for water stains, mildew, or mold growth
  • Signs of algae growth on your roof shingles
  • Debris in your front or back yard
  • Dents to your vehicles
  • Cracked or damaged skylights, satellite dishes, windows, and doors
  • Damage to outdoor furniture and fixtures
  • Dents or holes in your house’s siding and fascia
  • Curling, missing, or blown-off asphalt shingles
  • Dents in your downspouts, gutters, chimney covers, roof vents, and roof shingles

Tips To Successfully Filing Hail Damage Insurance Claims After a Hail Storm

An insurance company will sometimes try to take advantage of any mistakes in submitting your homeowners’ insurance claim to avoid paying for the repairs or replacement cost of your roof damage.

This is why you must be very careful in everything you do, from when the hail damages your roof to when you submit your insurance claim. Remembering the following tips is essential:

  • File Your Claim in Time

File a claim as soon as possible to have the best chance of your insurance claim being accepted and being provided adequate homeowners insurance coverage.

When hail damage occurs in a certain area, you will not be the only resident suffering from it, meaning that the insurance company is likely to be flooded with a high volume of hail damage claims simultaneously.

Get your homeowners’ insurance claim in within the time limit to avoid disappointment

  • Report Minor Damage

Never make the mistake of not reporting minor roof damage to your roof insurance company.

These seemingly insignificant damages can deteriorate quickly in a concise time, leading to leaks or other issues to your roof.

If you are in doubt, hire an experienced hail damage contractor to take a look at your roof

  • Consider Your Homeowners Insurance Cover

Pay close attention to the specifics of your homeowners’ insurance policy to determine in which situations the insurance company will cover hail damage to your roof and whether full roof replacement is also covered.

Rather than waiting for your insurance company to deny your hail damage insurance claims, always stay up to date with your insurance policy and upgrade it to one that offers a higher deductible and complete cover for a new roof replacement if needed

  • Hire a Good Roofing Contractor

Have a roofing contractor regularly conduct inspections and roof repairs to make sure that your insurance claims are not denied because poor roof maintenance is suspected to be a contributing factor to the damage to your roof

How Long To Claim Hail Damage on Roof?

roofing company in cedar parkIn general, the time limit to file a hail damage insurance claim in Cedar Park, Texas, is one year from the day the hail damage occurred. However, the process can be long and complicated, so in reality, you do not have a lot of time to waste.

This is why you need to get a roofing contractor on site as soon as possible, preferably even the day after the storm has cleared. If your neighbors are covered by the same insurance company and are also planning on submitting hail damage claims, you should try to get yours in first.

How Much Hail Damage To Replace Roof?

roof company in cedar parkEvery insurance company is different regarding how much hail damage it will consider enough to justify a complete roof replacement. The insurance adjuster will use different policies, guidelines, and procedures to come up with the final amount of insurance coverage to provide.

Typically, before justifying a replacement, insurance companies will test a 10-square-inch surface of the roof and determine if the number of hits within that justifies replacing the entire roof, or if a simple repair job will be adequate.

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