If you are unlucky enough to fall victim to one of the severe weather conditions that affect Cedar Park annually, you may have very little say on when you should get a roof replacement.

However, if you have been a residential homeowner for many years, you should now have a plan for handling such unexpected incidents.

If you are wise enough to plan, roof repair and replacements will not become such a cost burden to you when the time comes.

It would be best to focus on finding an experienced roofing contractor to help you decide the best time to replace the roof on your home.

However, with so many roofing companies serving the people of Cedar Park, Texas, this decision is not always easy.

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Best Temperature for Roof Replacement

roof estimate cedar park txWhat is the best temperature to replace a roof? This is a question many people looking to DIY ask roofing contractors regularly.

The best roof installation and replacement temperatures are usually between 40 and 85 degrees F.

Of course, different roofing companies will have their ideas about which temperatures are ideal for replacing your roof. The roofing materials, like the types of shingles and roof asphalt, will also play a big part in your replacement options.

If, for example, you choose to replace your old roof using asphalt shingles, working below 40 degrees F will cause the shingles to become brittle and more likely to fall apart.

On the other hand, having a roof replaced at temperatures above 85 degrees F will mean the roof installers will be forced to work in uncomfortable conditions.

This is why it is vital to approach a local Cedar Park-based roofing company familiar with the area’s harsh weather conditions and can help you schedule such home improvement projects as roof repairs at the best time possible.

Is It Ok To Put a New Roof on in the Winter?

roof replacement cedar parkTo be clear, not even extreme heat or blistering cold temperatures are enough to make it completely impossible to replace your roof.

It is just that extreme temperatures present new challenges to an already complicated process.

As such, the harsh winter season of Cedar Park makes it challenging to schedule roof replacements during this time.

You may notice that many roofing companies discourage any roof replacement projects during the winter season unless it is an emergency, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Most roofing materials harden in cooler temperatures meaning they will be challenging to work with, for example, asphalt shingles, in frigid temperatures
  • The availability of reliable roofing contractors is also very limited in winter
  • Sealants are challenging to apply correctly in cold weather conditions

If winter is not the best time to replace your roof, what is? Let us look at the other seasons that you can choose to have your roof replaced:


water damage in cedar parkSpring weather cooperates very well with roof replacement projects due to the clear weather, warmer temperatures, and low humidity.

Coincidentally, this is also when many roof problems start to rear their heads, causing a mad rush by many homeowners to get hold of a roofing consultant for an estimate.

Any roof damage in winter is usually left until spring before being addressed unless it’s an emergency. This makes spring a busy season for most roofing contractors.

The disadvantage of spring roof replacement

While spring weather makes it a great candidate for the best season to schedule roof installment and replacement, there are two disadvantages to consider:

  • Cedar Park experiences a few days of rain in Spring, which may disrupt your roof replacement project and could cause damage to exposed plywood
  • The first couple of weeks are hectic for roofing companies as many homeowners rush to fix winter issues


cedar park roofingThe summer season is a prevalent time to replace your roof because of a few reasons, such as:

  • Warm weather condition
  • Clear skies with rain usually falling later in the day, if at all
  • Lowest levels of humidity which is great for roofing materials and sealants

The disadvantage of summer roof replacement

One of the apparent reasons a roofing company may advise against installing a new roof in summer is the extremely high heat that the sun produces in the late summer.

Considering that the temperature on the roof can be at least 20 degrees F hotter than on the ground, it is easy to see why such weather conditions would be regarded as unsuitable for replacing your roof.

There is also the issue of how your choice of materials can be affected by the higher temperatures experienced in summer.

Asphalt shingles, for example, will soften a great deal in summer, reducing their durability and increasing the chance of breaking during the re-roofing process.


roof company in cedar parkAsk any experienced roofing contractor which is the best time to replace a roof on a building; the answer is likely winter.

The periodic maintenance of most roofs is usually scheduled around this time of the year.

Why are the fall months the most popular season to replace your home’s roof? Here are some possible reasons:

  • Fall is famous for its mild weather conditions
  • The temperatures are ideal for working on the roof and handling asphalt shingles
  • When planning, it is best to get your roof replaced right before the winter begins
  • There is less rain expected during fall compared to other seasons

The disadvantage of Fall roof replacement

The main disadvantage of replacing your roof in the fall is that the best roof replacement companies are usually hectic during this time of year, so you may find it difficult to book a contractor on short notice.

Factors that Affect Roof Replacement

roof company cedar park txThe following are the two main factors that you need to consider when deciding on the best season for roof replacement:

Roofing Materials

Roof materials are generally robust enough to withstand a wide range of temperatures after they have been installed and the tar strip has been allowed to harden.

However, this does not apply to roof replacement because some materials may be very brittle in extreme weather, making handling tricky.

Asphalt shingles, for example, will soften under high heat, so unless your contractor works in an area of the roof with tree coverage, a hot summer day may not be ideal for replacing your roof.

Roofing Contractor

Consider getting an experienced roofing contractor who can advise you on the best time to replace your roof and do their best if an emergency means they have to work under less-than-ideal conditions.

When Should You Not Put a New Roof On?

Two scenarios likely to make roof replacement a nightmare are frigid temperatures and rain.

This means you should avoid replacing your roof in the dead of winter or during the peak rainy season.

What Time of Year Is the Cheapest To Replace the Roof?

If you are looking for a bargain for your roof replacement project, you should be willing to schedule to job during a quiet time of the year when constant repairs do not flood the roofing company of your choice.

Late winter or spring will be your best chance of getting a good deal.

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