Waters Park, TX

Waters Park is a quaint town in Bell County, Texas, which is located approximately seven miles northwest of Fort Worth. The town was first established in 1889, and it is home to approximately 1,800 people today. If you are looking for things to do in this area, consider exploring Waters Park! This delightful little town has so much to offer visitors. From the charming downtown area with its eclectic shops and restaurants, to the tranquil lakeside cemetery that overlooks Lake Lewisville; there’s plenty to explore in this quintessentially Texan town. 

Check Out The Town’s Main Attractions

While in Waters Park, it’s worth checking out the town’s main attractions. The first of these is the historic Downtown area. Here you’ll find many historic buildings and museums, some of which are open to visitors. Among the town’s most prominent buildings is the Mansion on Mansion Avenue. This two-story house, which was constructed between 1890 and 1892, is the only remaining building from the early days of the town. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Another important building located in the downtown area is the Waters Park Public Library. The library was constructed in 1921, and it remains a useful resource for the town’s residents and visitors. More

Visit The Downtown Area

If you would like to spend some time exploring the town’s downtown area, check out the many shops and restaurants that are located within this one-mile area. The downtown is home to several antique stores and art galleries, which are sure to delight visitors. Among the restaurants in this area is the Blue Dahlia Cafe, which is famous for its homemade pie and ice cream. If you are looking for a more casual option for lunch, you might enjoy a meal at the Old Mill Cafe. This is a great place to enjoy a burger or a sandwich, or you could try a selection of fresh fish caught in the nearby Lewisville Lake.

Take a Guided Tour of Historic Buildings

If you and your family are fond of history and architecture, it’s worth taking a guided tour of the town’s historic buildings. These include the Mansion on Mansion Avenue and the Lewisville Lake BullPen Historic District. If you would like to try a tour that explores the area’s rich architectural history, speak with a tour operator at Waters Park Tours. The tour includes a visit to the Mansion on Mansion Avenue, which was constructed in 1892 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The tour also visits the Lewisville Lake BullPen, which was constructed in the early 1900s and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Click for more

Enjoy a Meal at One of Waters Park’s Restaurants

Waters Park’s restaurants are a great place to enjoy dinner. If you are looking for a place to dine in the downtown area, try Benito’s Mexican Restaurant. This is a great local restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food and serves a variety of craft beers. Another great restaurant that is located in the downtown area is the River Crossing Cafe. This is a great place to enjoy a hearty breakfast or lunch, and it’s also a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee or a cocktail.