Walkerton, TX

The town of Walkerton, Texas was established in 1876 as a railroad siding. Today it is a thriving agricultural community known as the “Cotton Capital of the World”. The city celebrates its heritage by annually hosting the Cotton Festival and Creek Days events. Walkerton has seen many changes since its early days. To understand how this happened, one must look at the town’s history. This article explores the facts about Walkerton, including information about its location, population, and growth over time.

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Location of Walkerton, TX

Walkerton is located in parts of Caldwell, Collingsworth, and Lee Counties in Central Texas. The city is approximately 30 miles northeast of Waco and 37 miles south of Austin. The city’s eastern border is with the Texas/Oklahoma border. The city is located just north of Interstate 35, the main highway that runs from the Gulf of Mexico through Texas. Walkerton is at an elevation of 2,050 feet above sea level. It sits in the valley of the Little Walnut Creek, which forms a natural boundary with the town of Arcola on the east. The Walnut Creek flows south to feed the Brazos River, which runs south and joins the Colorado River, which forms the border between Texas and Mexico.

Population of Walkerton, TX

The 2010 population of Walkerton was 2,869. The population density of the city is 98 people per square mile. There are 2,448 housing units in the city.

Growth of the City of Walkerton, TX

The population of Walkerton increased from 1,225 in 1920 to 2,869 in 2010. During the same period, the population of the state of Texas increased from 5,687,000 to nearly 25,000,000 people. The change in population growth over the last century illustrates how a small town can grow and prosper during periods of economic expansion and contraction. During the previous 50 years, Texas had undergone significant population growth. The state’s population more than doubled during this time due to growth in the number of people moving to Texas from other states and countries and the growth in the number of births. Check out here


Walkerton is a historic town located in Central Texas. The city is known as the “Cotton Capital of the World,” and the events it hosts annually include the Cotton Festival and Creek Days events. The town’s history is outlined here, including the town’s location, population, and growth over time.

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