Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream


The Museum of Ice Cream is an interactive retail experience with exhibits that are all about ice cream, candy and bright colors. It is located at 11506 Century Oaks Terrace #128, Austin, TX 78758. They specialize in designing experiences that make people feel like they’re in a food store. The museum’s concept involves allowing customers to take pictures in themed environments. For example, visitors can take pictures of themselves eating ice cream, then share them on social media.

The museum features five treats and offers unlimited samples. These include a jelly bean alluding to the Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, and a hot dog ice cream, which references the Chicago hot dog. The museum even features a Dove Bar, which was first made in 1956. In addition to being an educational experience, the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago also has a fun play area. Look for more info

The museum is a fun way to get children’s imaginations working. It’s interactive and offers twelve ways to explore the different flavors of ice cream. The Museum also hosts special events like the Night at the Museum, which has activities, games and celebrity chef creations. If you’re looking for the ultimate ice cream experience, the Museum of Ice Cream is the place to go.

Museum of Ice Cream


Another fun attraction is the Sprinkle Pool, a pool filled with plastic sprinkles. Visitors to this attraction must take off their shoes before entering. This attraction is not for the faint of heart. However, guests should know that the sprinkle pool is only available for a limited time. To avoid getting soaked, visitors can take a shower in the restrooms and rinse off the plastic sprinkles.

The Museum of Ice Cream also has interactive activities for families, as well as an interactive installation where people can create their own masterpieces. Visitors can also reserve a poolside cabana for private events. The museum was originally created in the Big Apple, but the concept was first developed at SXSW in Texas. Visitors will be able to sample five different ice cream treats.

A visit to the Museum of Ice Cream will provide an unforgettable experience that the whole family can enjoy. The exhibit includes 13 multisensory installations and rooms filled with games, photo ops, and tasty treats. The museum recommends spending at least 90 minutes in the exhibit. There’s even a carnival-style room where children can play.

The Museum of Ice Cream is an immersive installation in New York City that offers a fun and unique experience. Visitors can enjoy ice cream and other sweet treats while exploring its thirteen sensory rooms. The multimedia at the Museum of Ice Cream is designed to stimulate imagination and creativity. At the Museum, visitors can even enjoy sweet treats while learning about the history of ice cream.

The Museum of Ice Cream has been a hit among celebrities and people in the know. With three-dimensional unicorn statues, a rainbow tunnel, and a giant pool filled with 100 million plastic sprinkles, the museum has become a coveted selfie backdrop. 

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