Metal roofs are usually more expensive than other types of roofs, but if you pick the right type, it can be a fantastic long-term investment for your home. Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of prices for metal roofs, as they can range from $3.10 to $29.65 per square foot. Some of the cheapest materials, such as aluminum, may be your best option if you want to save money, but if you don’t mind spending more, you can get higher-end materials, such as copper and tin. Nonetheless, you should discuss this with your roofing contractors, as they will know what’s best for you after assessing your home.

These metal roofing materials come in different forms, such as corrugated metals, tile roofs, and slate roofs. Purchasing these materials for your roof is a fantastic idea, as metal roofing lasts much longer than other roofing materials. They are strong and long-lasting materials that don’t require much maintenance, which is why you can end up with a metal roof that lasts up to 80 years.

We at Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park will differentiate the types of metal roofs, and in the following article, you will learn more about how each of them can benefit you and your property.

The Popular Types of Metal Roofing

Before reading more about the different types of metal roofs, you must understand that “metal roofing” is an umbrella term that covers different kinds of materials with highly different prices. Nonetheless, they don’t only differ in price, as they also feature other properties that make some of them a better option for your home.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum roofing is one of the cheapest and most lightweight materials you can use in your home. Many people choose aluminum roofs because they’re highly malleable and corrosion-resistant. They also have the highest strength-to-weight ratio among all the other roofing materials. Therefore, owning this type of metal roof will give you a long-lasting roof that won’t require too much maintenance. Still, you must remember that aluminum roofing can only be used for architectural roofing and not structural roofing.

Advantages of Aluminum Roofing

Corrosion Resistant

This is the primary reason why people get aluminum roofing. Most metal roofs rust over time, but this isn’t the case with aluminum, as it contains virtually no iron. Still, you should consider painting over it once it starts to oxidize.

Aluminum roofing is ideal for places with heavy rainfall and coastal climates, as the salt won’t affect the material and create that unwanted rust we tend to see in other types of metal roofs.


Another fantastic perk of owning an aluminum roof is its weight. This is the highest metal roofing material on this list, which makes it extremely easy to work with and will eliminate unwanted pressure from your home’s structure.

Energy Efficient And Eco-friendly

This material is also a great option if you want to keep your home as cool as possible, lowering your electrical bill. According to recent statistics, people with aluminum roofs can save up to 20% on their electrical bills. It is also super eco-friendly, as most panels are made of 95% recycled materials.

Long Lasting

Finally, the last perk of this fantastic roofing material is that it can last for more than 70 years with proper maintenance.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Metal Roofing

More Prone To Denting

Aluminum is a pretty soft metal. Therefore, if you live in an area with harsh weather prone to hail storms or other elements that could impact your roof, it is more likely to dent from the weight. Nonetheless, this can be fixed by using a thicker gauge.

Different Aluminum Metal Roofing Colors

Another reason why many people choose aluminum roofing for their residential roofing projects is that they can pick from a vast variety of shades, such as gray, brown, black, and even more eye-catching colors, such as green, burgundy, and blue. Please keep in mind that not all corporations feature all types of colors, so you must ask your contractor about this before committing to one.

Cost of Aluminum Metal Roofing

Although aluminum is one of the cheapest roofing materials, steel is still much cheaper, as aluminum panels can range from $8 to $12 per square foot.

the roof of the house being repaired and replaced

Metal or Steel Metal Roofing

Suppose you’re looking for a highly durable material that’s sure to make your house look as fantastic as possible. In that case, your most suitable option is to pick steel roofing, as this material comes in a wide variety of presentations and will provide a fantastic and elegant look to your house.

Advantages of Steel Metal Roofing


Most steel roofing panels should last up to 50 years if you take proper care of them. This is because they’re highly resistant to all sorts of environmental hazards, such as snow, rain, fire, rot, and insects.


Steel roofing materials only weigh around one to three pounds, depending on the type of steel panels you choose. They are much lighter than typical asphalt shingle roofs, which is a huge perk for your home’s structure.

Fast to Install

Most steel roofing materials are sold as standing seam metal roofing sheets, which come in standardized sizes varying from 12 to 36 inches wide. Still, you can get customized sizes of steel roofing if you prefer. That’s why most contractors can easily install them, making the whole process much faster for everyone involved.

Reflects Heat

Standing seam metal roofs tend to reflect the heat from the sun, which makes your house much cooler and helps you save air conditioning energy. This is one of the direct reasons people choose metal roofing materials for their homes, as they help them save a significant amount of money.

Disadvantages of Galvanized Steel Metal Roofing


You’re probably already aware of this disadvantage if you own a galvanized steel roof. The truth is that metal roofing systems are much noisier than other types of roofs, but if they’re properly installed, you shouldn’t notice this too often.

Difficult to Modify

Since your galvanized steel roof will be made of large panels instead of individual asphalt shingles, it may be complicated to modify if it gets damaged. In addition, if you choose to change or upgrade your steel roof in 10 or 20 years, you may not be able to match the materials you initially used.

Cost of Galvanized Steel Metal Roofing

Many people choose metal roofs because they’re highly efficient and environmentally friendly. However, another reason is the price, as steel roofing ranges from $6 to $12 per square foot.

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Copper Metal Roofing

Owning a copper roof is like owning gold jewelry. This precious material isn’t only beautiful but also the most expensive roofing option on this list, which is why only certain people with extreme wealth decide to invest in it. However, if you can afford it, it is a fantastic choice, as you will end up with a highly durable copper roof that can be shaped however you please.

Advantages of Copper Roofing

Aesthetic Appeal

Although most types of metal roofs are stunning, it will be rare for you to find metal roofing systems as appealing as copper roofing. This material features a beautiful gold color, which can be painted green with a protective layer to make it last for hundreds of years.


Another fantastic perk of copper roofs is that they will never rust and can endure even the most difficult weather. In addition, if it ever gets damaged, roof repair can be easily performed by professional roofing contractors.


If the environment is something that worries you, you’ll be happy to know that copper is also one of the most generally recycled materials. Therefore, you will likely find copper sheets made of 75% recycled copper.

Disadvantages of Copper Roofing

Only Professionals Can Install It

Copper is a high-end material that only certain people can afford. Therefore, only certain contractors can install copper roofing. In most cases, they will need extensive training before committing to the project, and finding a copper contractor in your area may be challenging.

Distinctive Appearance of Copper Metal Roofing

The thing that people love the most about copper roofing is its beautiful appearance. It features a metallic orange look that can resemble gold in some cases. However, once it goes through the patina process, the metal panels will start turning into shades of green and teal, depending on the patina you choose, which can be highly appealing to some people.

Copper Roofing Costs

This is probably the most noteworthy disadvantage of copper roofs. Although this material allegedly lasts for thousands of years, its cost is incredibly high, and you can expect to pay from $14 to $30 per square foot.

Tin Roofing

Tin metal roofing is also called “the forever roof,” as it lasts for much longer than typical asphalt shingles. Among all types of metal roofs, tin roofing is one of the most durable options for houses and residencies. This material can withstand all sorts of weather conditions and has many fantastic features, which we will discuss later.

Advantages of Tin Metal Roofing

Moss- and Fungus-Proof

Other non-metallic materials are prone to be affected by moss and mildew, which can end up causing terrible damage to the foundations of your home and making you lose a ton of money. This won’t happen with tin roofing, as there’s no way that fungus can penetrate it.

Raccoons, Rodents, Pests, and Wild Animals Proof

Another common problem many homeowners face is getting wild animals into their homes, as their asphalt shingle roof can let all sorts of rodents and pests into the attic. Luckily for you, these rodents will find it extremely difficult to break into a tin roof, so they will give up as soon as they notice they can’t get in.

Fire Retardant Material

This perk can save your life if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. High-quality tin roofs are made of fire-resistant materials that prevent your home from catching fire. In addition, it can be helpful for hailstorms and other types of bad weather. If you find yourself in that condition, don’t fret – there are hail damage roofing contractors who can help get your roof repaired.

Sustainability of Metal

Owning a tin metal roof can be one of the best things you can do for the environment, as metal roofing is highly sustainable and durable, as most of it is made of recycled materials. It also won’t need too much maintenance, saving you a lot of time and money.

 Disadvantages of Tin Metal Roofing

Total life-cycle cost caveat

The truth is that tin roofing material is pretty expensive, which is why it may not be the best choice if you don’t intend on living in that house for a long time. Therefore, you must calculate the cost of all possible shingle roof replacements and compare it with the cost of installing metal shingles before committing to a tin roof.

Cost of Tin Roofing

Metal roofing costs range depending on the quality of the metal, which is why tin roofs can vary from $3 to $15 per square foot.

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Zinc Metal Roofing

It is uncommon for Americans to choose a zinc roof from all other metal roofing materials. However, this is an extremely common metal roof in Europe for a reason, and that reason is that it features fantastic benefits that other metal roofs don’t have.

Most metal roof systems can last up to 50 years, but a zinc corrugated metal roof can stay for more than a century, which explains why it is so expensive.

Advantages of Zinc Roofing

Zinc Metal Roof Lifespan

It is rare for other types of metal to last as much as zinc metal roofing, but with the proper care, your zinc metal roof can last for more than a century. It is only beaten by copper, which can last thousands of years.

This metal roof is also highly resistant to external threats, such as fire, pests, and fungus, which prevents it from getting damaged over time.

Zinc Metal Roof Patina

Unlike other types of metal, zinc roofing goes through a process called patina, which consists of a protective coating that forms on top of the zinc to prevent it from rusting over time. It can easily get scratched, but the patina will only grow again to eliminate the blemishes.

Highly Desirable Appearance

One of the reasons many people love zinc over other types of metal roofing materials is its fantastic finish look, which is caused by the patina process that makes the metal roof change its color. Zinc will start out looking dark gray or black, but it will rapidly turn into a blue color once the patination is done.

Zinc Roofs Are Low Maintenance

The most challenging part of owning a zinc metal roof is installing it. Once that’s done, you don’t need to do much maintenance to it, as the patination process will automatically do it for you. This will save you plenty of time and money in restoration contractors.

Disadvantages of Zinc Metal Roofing

The Variables With Patina

Since zinc metal roofing has exposed fastener panels, there is no way of knowing when the patina process will happen. Therefore, many people get frustrated when they don’t achieve the color they wish, as it can happen anywhere from two to 30 years.

Cost of Zinc Roofing

Zinc metal roofing panels are a safe middle ground regarding the price, as they commonly range from $5.65 to $11 per square foot.

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Metal Slate Roofing

Out of all the alternatives on the market today, slate, a highly durable metamorphic stone, will create a roof that lasts for an incredibly long time. Due to its beauty and above-average lifespan, slate roofs have grown in popularity, particularly in the custom house market.

Although durability is frequently a deciding factor when choosing slate metal roofing, it also offers several additional benefits. Before deciding on a slate metal roof, there are a few things to think about to make an informed decision.

Advantages of Metal Slate Roofing

Aesthetically Pleasing

Homeowners frequently choose slate roofs due to their attractiveness. Slate is a beautiful roofing material that’s been admired by architects for hundreds of years because of its timeless, simple design. Although homeowners may not be aware of the diversity offered by slate, they can find gray, green, and red hues, several thicknesses, and widths of this fantastic metal roof material.


Slate roofs are solid since they are made of one of the strongest metals on the market. Furthermore, slate can endure all types of weather, including high winds, terrible temperatures, and even blizzards, in contrast to other roofing materials that are more vulnerable to harsh weather. In addition, slate is non-combustible, making it fantastic for avoiding fires from flying sparks.

Long Lasting

The gold standard for durable roofing is a slate metal roof. These roofs are meant to last as much as possible, in contrast to most roofs, especially those constructed of asphalt shingles, which will only last around 20 or 30 years before getting damaged. A slate roof should last 40 years or more. Slate roofs can, however, last for far over a century. Slate is a fantastic long-term roofing option, especially if you intend to spend the rest of your life in that house.

Disadvantages of Metal Slate Roofing


Metal sale roofs tend to be extremely heavy, which can take a toll on your home’s foundations if they’re not strong enough. Still, we highly recommend you call a professional who can calculate the best way to install metal slate roofing in your home.

Cost of Metal Slate Roofing

The cost is the biggest drawback of a slate roof, as installing slate can go up to $20 per square foot on average. Its materials and the installation are the main reasons this is so expensive. Slate roofs need far more costly materials than typical asphalt shingle roofs. This type of roof is more costly to produce and is also more costly to buy.

Installing a slate roof is expensive because only specialized contractors can perform a good job. Slate roofs are costly to build, so they are not necessarily the cheapest choice for the ordinary homeowner, especially if they don’t intend to live in that home forever.

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Standing Seam Roof

Standing seam metal roofs require special treatment that can only be done by specific contractors. Typical metal roof sheeting is fastened to the top utilizing massive panel ridges. In most cases, skilled roofers build interlocking slots that come together to create a covert waterproof seal. That’s how the standing seam method gives your roof a distinct look and a fantastic curb appeal

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

No Exposed Fasteners

Having a standing seam metal roof gives you a sleek, simple look for your roof. It’s not surprising that architectural designers are becoming increasingly interested in this roofing system, as it doesn’t feature fastening heads, ensuring that your roofing sheets won’t have any little holes.

Low Maintenance

The hot, muggy subtropical summers can be brutal on your roof. Fasteners are particularly prone to weathering on traditional metal roofs. Over time, these fasteners may deteriorate from exposure to the sun, wind, and rain, leading to water leaks. The standing seam metal roof lacks fasteners. Therefore, there is no need for fastener maintenance or replacement.

Allowance For Thermal Movement

Did you know that too much heat can cause the components in your roof to expand? This implies that the roof panels on your home might eventually shift a little bit, which may cause damage to your roof. The positive news is that standing seam roofs may expand and shrink since they are not fixed. Moreover, your roof can benefit from greater weather protection thanks to this resin-based coating.

Disadvantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Intensive Installation Process

A more labor-intensive roof installation is frequently needed for a visually pleasant roof. Your expert roofer will be able to explain this procedure to you. Remember that installing a standing seam roof requires a few steps. These consist of:

  • Building the metal panels
  • Spacing the clip on the panel’s legs
  • Ensuring optimal panel alignment
  • Cutting the metal

Cost of Standing Seam Metal Roof Roofing

The cost per square foot for standing seam metal roofing can be pretty high, as it ranges from $8 to $14.

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All Metal Roofing Material Costs Are Influenced By These Factors

  • The kind of roofing material you want for your replacement
  • Your roof system’s materials
  • The work and time to complete your roof replacement
  • Your roof’s accessibility
  • The number of penetrations your roof has
  • The size and complexity of your roof
  • The portion of roof decking that may need to be replaced
  • Dump costs for getting rid of your old roofing materials
  • The operating costs of your roofing contractor
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