Alorica Call Centers

Alorica is a global customer service company that operates call centers in various locations around the world. One of its call centers is located in Cedar Park, TX, 78613. Here is some detailed information about the establishment of Alorica in Cedar Park:

In 2015, Alorica announced plans to expand its operations in Texas by opening a new call center in Cedar Park. The company cited the area’s growing economy, talented workforce, and favorable business climate as factors that contributed to its decision to establish a presence in the city.

Alorica leased a 35,000-square-foot space at 1700 E. Whitestone Blvd. in Cedar Park to house its new call center. The company invested over $4 million to renovate the space and install state-of-the-art technology and equipment. A Fantastic Read

The Cedar Park call center officially opened in early 2016 and has since provided a range of customer service solutions to clients across various industries, including healthcare, financial services, and retail. The center employs over 600 people and is one of the largest call centers in the area.

The Cedar Park call center offers a wide range of services to its clients, including inbound and outbound customer service, technical support, sales, and collections. Alorica prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that its clients receive the highest level of service. Click for more

In addition to providing job opportunities for local residents, Alorica has also been active in supporting the Cedar Park community. The company has sponsored local events and donated to various charities and organizations in the area.

You see, the establishment of Alorica in Cedar Park has brought significant economic benefits to the area, providing job opportunities and contributing to the growth of the local economy.

What Services Do They Offer?

Alorica Call Centers in Cedar Park, TX, offers a variety of services to its clients across various industries. Here are some of the services they provide:

  • Inbound Customer Service: Alorica’s agents handle incoming calls from customers, providing assistance with product information, order status, billing inquiries, and more.
  • Outbound Customer Service: Alorica’s agents make outgoing calls to customers, conduct surveys, collect feedback, and provide updates on products and services.
  • Technical Support: Alorica’s technical support team provides assistance with troubleshooting and resolving technical issues, such as software or hardware problems.
  • Sales: Alorica’s sales team handles outbound sales calls, promotes products and services, and processing orders.
  • Collections: Alorica’s collection agents work with customers who have overdue payments or delinquent accounts, helping them resolve their outstanding balances.
  • Back Office Support: Alorica also offers back office support services, such as data entry, document processing, and administrative support.

Alorica uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver high-quality customer service to its clients. The call center uses advanced customer relationship management (CRM) software and other tools to streamline operations and provide real-time data analytics, enabling clients to make informed decisions based on customer feedback.

Alorica places a strong emphasis on training and development, providing its agents with ongoing training and coaching to ensure that they deliver exceptional customer service. The company also places a strong emphasis on compliance and adheres to all applicable laws and regulations governing customer service operations.

Alorica Call Center in Cedar Park, TX, provides a comprehensive range of customer service solutions to clients across various industries, helping them to improve customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

How To Go There?

Alorica Call Center in Cedar Park, TX, is located at 1700 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park, TX, 78613. Here are some ways to get there:

  1. By Car: If you are driving, take TX-1 Loop N to US-183 N towards Cedar Park. Take the exit for FM 1431 W/Whitestone Blvd and turn right onto Whitestone Blvd. Continue straight on Whitestone Blvd for approximately 2.5 miles, and the Alorica Call Center will be on your left.
  2. By Public Transportation: Cedar Park offers public transportation services through Capital Metro. You can take Route 983 from Downtown Austin or Lakeline Station to Discovery Blvd, @ Whitestone Blvd. stop, which is just a short walk from the Alorica Call Center.
  3. By Bicycle or Walking: If you prefer to bike or walk, the Alorica Call Center is accessible via the Brushy Creek Regional Trail, which runs parallel to Whitestone Blvd. You can access the trail from several points in Cedar Park and bike or walk to the call center.

Once you arrive at the Alorica Call Center, there is ample parking available on-site for both employees and visitors. The building is easily visible from Whitestone Blvd, and the parking lot is located in front of the building.

Is It Worth Visiting?

If you are interested in the business process outsourcing industry or customer service operations, you may find a visit to the Alorica Call Center informative. You may be able to learn about the latest technologies and practices used in the customer service industry and even observe customer service representatives in action.

If you are a job seeker, the Alorica Call Center may be of interest to you as they often have job openings for customer service representatives, technical support staff, and other positions. You may be able to learn about job opportunities and speak to recruiters or hiring managers about the application process.

Alorica Call Centers-Related Information

  • Address: 908 Elmwood Trail, Cedar Park, TX 78613, United States
  • Website:
  • Hours Open: 24 hours